Commerce and Customer Care: Driving New Business and Building Loyalty

The business landscape today has shifted heavily toward the internet and to generating web traffic instead of foot traffic. But many of the principles of good business are as valid as ever: Attract customers with an appealing storefront, sell them products and services they love, and provide world-class customer service. If you can do that, along with learning to operate virtually and finding needed funding during COVID-19, you’ll turn plenty of new customers into loyal, long-time shoppers.

A standout storefront

If your website isn’t eye-catching and easy to use, you’ll lose a lot of potential business. People surfing the web for good deals and cool stuff don’t spend more than about 7 seconds on each site. That means you need a visually arresting design and compelling message to get them to stay a while to investigate your product offerings, prices, delivery details, and more. It’s the e-commerce version of window shopping, and it’s crucial for making a lasting impression. 

If you’re not practiced at the art of website design, consider hiring Web Guy Nick to make sure yours is an easily navigable site. A slow-loading, clunky, and aesthetically unappealing storefront puts you at a considerable disadvantage. Web Guy Nick is proud to offer cutting edge solutions in custom web design to help small businesses stand out.

Products people want

If you’re looking to dropship your products, do plenty of research to determine which products and niches are the best fit for you. Dropshipping is a dynamic way to expand your business and reach new customers, especially if your physical facilities are somewhat limited. For example, if you sell shoes, you might look into dropshipping complementary clothing products, which could include anything from socks to belts. The more you can diversify your niche, the more customers you’ll reach. 

The beauty of “free”

One of the best ways to attract new customers and build loyalty is to offer something for free. The word has a powerful psychological appeal to online shoppers who get a visceral thrill from the idea that they’ve gotten something for free, whatever it is. If yours is a new e-commerce business, offer free shipping, two words that online shoppers always love to see. There are plenty of reasons customers cancel a purchase, and shipping fees is one of them. Offer free shipping on purchases of $50 or more and see how many customers start spending a little more money with you to get something “for free.” 

Free marketing

Social media began as a way for people to interact cheaply and in real time, but it’s also been a major asset for e-businesses, the savviest of whom make effective use of social media for marketing purposes. Publishing ads on Facebook may cost you, but you can drum up plenty of business for nothing with regular posts touting your promotions and new products. (Some of the most successful e-businesses encourage loyal customers to blog about their experience with your business.) 

Post regularly, establish an ongoing dialogue with customers, and focus more heavily on Facebook and Pinterest, which drive the most business to online stores. And don’t forget to include product images with your posts. 

Be responsive

When it comes to customer service, there’s no substitute for being timely, courteous, and dependable. Answer all inquiries and questions as soon as possible, definitely within 24 hours, and you’ll impress a lot of people. Being treated well is crucial to customers, so never underestimate this critically important aspect of your business. 

A huge part of dependable customer service is effective order fulfillment. An optimized order fulfillment process can enable you to respond quickly to consumer demands and get your orders out faster, and you may be able to save on shipping costs. 

A visually compelling e-storefront, products that appeal to customers, and promos or discounts are key to winning new business. Consider establishing a loyalty program to make sure they come back for more, and always make outstanding customer service a top priority. 

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